We give gratitude to Netherlands government for financial support through PSI program. MUSUMBA Steel idea was nurtured by Steel and mabati ltd and Musumba hotel way back in 2012. The high demand for steel tubes replacing timber in construction and furniture making not withstanding global need for conservation of environment , irked the directors of the above companies to incorporate Musumba steel in 2013. Funded jointly by psi and the partners, construction and installation started braving all the political and economic times of then, and begun commercial production in 2016. Musumba Steel Company is the first and state of the art industry to manufacture the tubes in Burundi.It is built on the pillar of environmentally friendly steel tubes and improvement in the lives of the people in the community.

.Our dreams still go to making quality steel products to serve the whole region. In our product research and development house, something like,Soon Musumba Steel is going to manufacture also high tensile re-enforcing bars ( Rebars). Commercial production began in 2016.Today, MUSUMBA Steel is widely recognized as a leader in steel industry in Burundi and one among the industries of reference in the region of the Great Lakes.

Inspired to meet the demand for steel in Burundi and the sub region in general, MUSUMBA Steel launched a series of initiatives to increase its production capacity. Modernization and advanced technically expansion projects are designed to produce a world class products, which will further strengthen the company’s presence in the world of steel production.